Once Upon a Haunted Castle is coming!

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13608302_10208459463876045_1114960931_nOnce Upon A Haunted Castle contains five brand-new novellas by some of the top authors in the Historical Romance genre. Like a good ghost story with a romantic twist? Make sure you have your copy reserved on your platform of choice!

Amazon https://goo.gl/LdM26w
B & N http://goo.gl/4m9r1c
iBooks https://goo.gl/mLr2yS
Kobo https://goo.gl/iQmBpa

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Free Bookmark Collection

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Free Bookmark Collection
8 in all
You pay shipping

This Collection Includes;
De Wolfe Pack
De Russe Legacy
Lords of Thunder
Reign of De Winter
De Reyne
De Lohr Dynasty
Celtic Warriors
Great Marcher Lords of De Lara


US $3.00 USD
International $6.00 USD

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Flash Giveaway today!

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KathrynLeVeque_Steelheart_HRI'm giving away ten (10) free copies of my latest audiobook, STEELHEART, over on my Facebook Author's page today. Like audibooks? This is a 16 hour-long book, so it's big and awesome. Head on over and enter to win!

Kathryn Le Veque Facebook Page

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Ever My Love: The Lore of the Lucius Ring is LIVE!

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EverMyLoveTheLoreoftheLuciusRing2DBundle_HRSuch an exciting day! The fabulous collection I'm part of, EVER MY LOVE: THE LORE OF THE LUCIUS RING is finally live and ready to read. This is such a great collection with GREAT authors - Suzan Tisdale, Eliza Knight, Susan Stoker, Cheryl Bolen, and Sabrina York. I mean, you just can't go wrong with this group :)  It's all brand-new, never before published material, so that should make you run right out and snap it up. If you read WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU, then you really have to read this one because it completes what WDOOY started. Curses, love.... all of that good stuff!

Every My Love is only .99 cents on Amazon, so make sure you pick up your copy of EML - I think you're really going to like it!


Amazon: https://goo.gl/YK0tCY
Ibooks https://goo.gl/mEcyIe
B & N:

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Meet THE RED LION, my highland warrior series

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KathrynLeVeque_TheRedLion1400Well, I did it. I entered the Highlands.

In the anthology that I'm a part of, ONCE UPON A HAUNTED CASTLE, my contribution is a novella called DEEP INTO DARKNESS. It's based in Scotland with a Scottish hero.  I've been talking about this one lately because it will also be the second installment in The Lore Chronicles for me, stories based on poems or tales by Edgar Allan Poe. But as I was writing DEEP INTO DARKNESS, I immediately fell in love with the hero and heroine, Jamison and Havilland. Jamison is a highlander from Clan Munro, but he's kind of a worldly guy. He's traveled, he's fought with and for the English, so although his heart is highlander, the rest of him is kind of continental. Well, since DID was just a novella, there was no way to make Jamison and Havilland's story bigger

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Shhhhh… you’re getting an advance link to ONCE UPON A HAUNTED CASTLE!

July 5, 2016 NewsNovel Blog  One comment

13608302_10208459463876045_1114960931_nI just couldn't wait to share this with you - the anthology that I'm part of with my segment DEEP INTO DARKNESS - is now finally available for pre order on Amazon! The other links are coming soon, but we finally have a buy link for Amazon, so I just couldn't wait to share it with you!! And look at the other amazing authors in this collection - Eliza Knight, Terri Brisbin, Madeline Martin, and Ruth A. Casie. I hope you get this collection and LOVE it!!

Once Upon a Haunted Castle on Amazon

More links for iBooks, B & N, and Kobo coming soon!!

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The Complete de Russe Collection – Plus The Iron Knight!

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KathrynLeVeque_ThedeRusseCompleteCollection_1400I think this is probably one of the better collections I've had in recent years - the COMPLETE de Russe Collection! All of your favorite de Russe men in one bundle - plus, I've added an excerpt from the coming de Russe novel, THE IRON KNIGHT, so you won't want to miss it. For .99 cents, this collection is a STEAL.

Add this one to your library!!

The de Russe Complete Collection on Amazon

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Epic Knights of Legend and Steel

July 1, 2016 NewsNovel Blog  No comments

KathrynLeVeque_EpicKnightsofLegendandSteel1400A mega-collection of my own works to start off your July!!   Six books, all of them related for the most part (except one really doesn't have much to do with the others except that it's AWESOME! LOL) so you can start your July off right with a big ol' bundle of joy in reading. We're talking over 3,000 pages of epic awesomeness, so don't miss it!  (and check out that cover! Yowza!!)

Pick your copy up on Amazon for only .99 cents!

Epic Knights on Amazon

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