THE DARK LORD is only .99 cents for a limited time!

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KathrynLeVeque_TheDarkLord_1400Have you read THE DARK LORD? Before The Wolfe, or any of the other big epic books, THE DARK LORD was my #1 bestseller for quite some time. It's still a great seller and hasn't been on sale in years, so if you've never read it, now's your time to grab a copy. But be forewarned - this isn't a nice, neat, pretty little Medieval Romance - it's very dark in parts, and bloody,  and the love story is unusual, so be prepared. Still, it's about redemption, and no matter how bad someone is, there is always hope. That's the message I hope you take away from it!

And dig that new cover!! Wow!! I mean... THIGHS!! Very, very hot!!

Get your copy here!

The Dark Lord on Amazon

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Enter to win in the Silversword Giveaway!!

June 26, 2016 NewsNovel Blog  One comment

Silversword_GiveawayI've got a great giveaway happening! Enter to win a Kindle and a ebook copy of SILVERSWORD!  Contest ends on Monday, so don't wait! Check it out now!

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A new release and a new pre order!

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KathrynLeVeque_TheIronKnight_1400Happy Father's Day to all you dads, uncles, brothers, and sons out there!  I figure human babies and fur babies qualify you as  a dad  - for instance - if you have a dog but no kids. That dog makes you a doggy-daddy! lol! (I tell my husband that but he disagrees)

Anyway, it's a busy day today - not only do I have a brand-new release, but I also have my August release up for pre-order.  THE IRON KNIGHT is part of the de Russe legacy and this is going to be a very different book for me - a battered and beaten hero, mentally. He's got some flaws. More than that, he's older (40) and the heroine is a widow with a teenage daughter - so this is an older couple finding love the second time around.  Love the second-chance themes!

Make sure you pick up a copy of my latest release,

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Silversword is LIVE!

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KathrynLeVeque_Silversword_800Looking for a great read this weekend? Please pick up a copy of my new release, SILVERSWORD. Reviewers are calling it "Classic Le Veque", so I hope you think so, too!

This book has a lot of two elements in it - romance, and the Lords of Thunder. If you've read the Lords of Thunder series, then you know that Gallus, Maximus, and Tiberius have been siding with Simon de Montfort during Simon's campaign against Henry III.  When Simon is killed at Evesham in a decisive battle, the Lords of Thunder are pretty much outlaws in their own country. The king wants to punish everyone who supported Simon. Now, bring in the House of de Lohr, who is related to the Lords of Thunder - of course, the de Lohrs are very protective of their kin, yet they have built their reputation on supporting the king.

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THE QUESTING is on sale for only .99 cents!

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the-questing-spanish-translation-e-readerMy mother's favorite book of mine, THE QUESTING, is on sale in honor of the Spanish release of the book! I'm so excited! This is my first book in translation and I think it's one of the very best, so I'm thrilled to pieces. Interesting fact - there IS no translation for 'questing', so the title is "La Busqueda" (The Search). Makes sense to me! And look at the beautiful Spanish version cover!!

Anyway, get your copy of the ENGLISH version now on sale on Amazon. My mom says to read it! lol!

The Questing on Amazon

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Coming Books – Summertime reading!

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KathrynLeVeque_Silversword_800I'll have one book each month released through the summer - June will see SILVERSWORD, July will see EVER MY LOVE: THE LORE OF THE LUCIUS RING (my segment is called OF LOVE AND LEGEND), and August 'should' see THE IRON KNIGHT (or I might even slip in OF MEN AND ANGELS because it is a de Lohr dynasty book), so there is a TON of good stuff coming up. I can't believe it's already June! Sheesh!!

What's up for the rest of the year? Well, my release schedule tends to be kind of fluid. I'll be honest - it really depends on what I 'feel' like writing. The muse has to sing strongly for me to work on a book. Nothing is worse than trying to write a book that you're just not in to. You've heard the term "the muse sings" and, let me tell you, it's the TRUTH.  The muse has to sing very loudly to me

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FREE book Monday!!

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KathrynLeVeque_ToTheLadyBorn_1400I've got a fantastic free book today! TO THE LADY BORN has one of my very favorite heroes, Weston de Royans. Very straight-laced and pious, he's a bad-ass with a sword. Meeting our heroine, he is faced with a moral dilemma. And their meeting in the garden of the convent... one of the best love scenes you'll ever read. It's probably my favorite, of any book. So, for free, how can you go wrong? Pick up a copy and please share with your friends. I would love for everyone to have a FREE copy!!

To The Lady Born on Amazon

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SEA OF DREAMS is only .99 cents today!

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00002]SEA OF DREAMS, my Military Romance, is on sale today for only .99 cents in honor of Memorial Day! This is probably my favorite contemporary romance that I've written (the hero is to die for), so even if you don't like contemporary romance, just imagine he's a modern-day knight - and pick up a copy for only .99 cents! It's available on all platforms, so please share the sale with your friends! A .99 cent book is always good news!  (it's also for sale in Canada and the U.K.!)

Barnes and Noble

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