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A re-release/new release in ‘Lord of Black Castle’!

I have a surprise for you…

Back in 2014, I published a book called ‘Black Sword’. Some of you may have read it. It wasn’t part of any series, so it was a very rare stand-alone. It had an Irish rebel hero and an English heroine and the opening chapters were, shall we say… brutal. It was a true bodice ripper in every sense of the word. Readers either really loved it or weren’t to happy with the rough nature of the bodice ripping scenes. I was early in my career when I published it and made the mistake of letting a reader talk me into publishing it as-is, without softening the brutal scenes.

That was a mistake.

As authors, we mature. As readers, I’m pretty sure none of you find abuse romantic, and after much deliberation, I made the decision to unpublish ‘Black Sword’ and heavily edit (and rewrite) the scenes that were romanticizing assault and abuse. ‘Black Sword’ has, therefore, been rewritten in spots, edited, and the entire book has been overhauled. It still has the same edgy feel, but the changes are significant enough to have a title change because it’s a different book now. It’s still exciting and sexy (VERY sexy), but without the abusive actions towards the heroine.

Let me introduce you to the new and improved LORD OF BLACK CASTLE!

It’s only .99 cents and probably will be for a while, so even if you have read ‘Black Sword’, pick up a copy of ‘Lord of Castle Black’ or read it for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!