Chronological List



I get this question so many times… is there a chronological order to my novel? The answer is, for the most part, NO. There is no chronological order. All of my novels are designed so you can read any one of them, at any time, and not have to have read other books to understand what is going on. I say this because nearly every novel has cross over characters – in other words, heroes or secondary characters that have appeared in other books. I like to say that my books have ‘groups’, like family groups, and the group that they belong to will be indicated right on the cover. The exception to the family group rule is, of course, the series – Dragonblade, Dr. Trent/Dr. Burton, etc.  It helps if you read them in order but it’s not crucial. You can still figure out what’s going on.

That being  said, there are some novels to read in conjunction with others – or before others – but, again, you can still read them in any order because chronology is not necessary to understand what is going on.
As I mentioned, I have many crossover heroes (and crossover secondary characters) that appear in other books – for the heroes, some of them appear pre-their novel, some of them appear post, but that doesn’t mean it’s chronological. They just happen to appear as a cross over and it has nothing to do with the storyline of ‘their’ novel.

I hope this helps because I can’t get more specific than this. You may run across secondary characters that have appeared in other books, or brothers or relatives of heroes in other books, but that would be too lengthy to list. My advice is to just start reading and be pleasantly surprised when you run across characters you’ve already read about, and if a character has the same last name as a hero in another book, they are definitely related somehow (cousin, brother, ancestor, descendant, etc.). There ARE no coincidences in my world if someone shares the same last name.

Most of all – do yourself a favor and get the Reader’s Guide, THE MEDIEVAL WORLD OF KATHRYN LE VEQUE, on Amazon.  It contains all of the great houses and family groupings, and is invaluable when navigating my 50+ books.  You can get it here: The Medieval World of Kathryn Le Veque on Amazon


For those of you who like to read related series, here are the family groups. They do NOT need to be read in any order, but I have put them in order of the year the book takes place (so a son will appear after his father, and so forth). Hope this helps all of you OCD readers! 🙂

Medieval Romance:


The de Russe Legacy:

The White Lord of Wellesbourne

The Dark One: Dark Knight


Lord of War: Black Angel

The Falls of Erith


The de Lohr Dynasty:

While Angels Slept (Lords of East Anglia)

Rise of the Defender


Spectre of the Sword


Unending Love




Great Lords of le Bec:

Great Protector

To the Lady Born (House of de Royans)


Lords of Eire:

The Darkland (Master Knights of Connaught)

Black Sword

Echoes of Ancient Dreams (time travel)


De Wolfe Pack Series:

The Wolfe


Scorpion (Saxon Lords of Hage -Also related to THE QUESTING)

The Lion of the North

Walls of Babylon

Dark Destroyer


Ancient Kings of Anglecynn:

The Whispering Night



Battle Lords of de Velt:

The Dark Lord

Devil’s Dominion


Reign of the House of de Winter:


Swords and Shields (also related to The Questing, While Angels Slept)


De Reyne Domination:

Guardian of Darkness

The Fallen One (part of Dragonblade Series)


Unrelated characters or family groups:

The Gorgon (Also related to Lords of Thunder)

The Warrior Poet (St. John and de Gare)

Tender is the Knight (House of d’Vant)

Lord of Light

The Questing (related to The Dark Lord, Scorpion)

The Legend (House of Summerlin)



The Dragonblade Series: (House of de Lara)

Lord of the Shadows

Fragments of Grace


Island of Glass

The Savage Curtain

The Fallen One



Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood Trilogy

The Thunder Lord

The Thunder Warrior

The Thunder Knight


Time Travel Romance: (Saxon Lords of Hage)

The Crusader

Kingdom Come


Contemporary Romance:


Kathlyn Trent/Marcus Burton Series:

Valley of the Shadow

The Eden Factor

Canyon of the Sphinx


The American Heroes Series:


Fires of Autumn


Sea of Dreams



Other Contemporary Romance:

Lady of Heaven

Darkling, I Listen


Multi-author Collections/Anthologies:

With Dreams Only of You (USA Today bestseller)

Sirens of the Northern Seas (Viking romance)

Ever My Love (sequel to With Dreams Only Of You) July 2016


Kindle Worlds (Kathryn Le Veque World of de Wolfe Pack):

River’s End

The Wedding Fountain (Bella Andre’s Kindle World)


Note: All Kathryn’s novels are designed to be read as stand-alones, although many have cross-over characters or cross-over family groups.


Novels that are grouped together have related characters or family groups.


Series are clearly marked. All series contain the same characters or family groups except the American Heroes Series, which is an anthology with unrelated characters.


For more information, find it on Amazon in A Reader’s Guide to the Medieval World of Le Veque.