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Coming pre orders and fun facts!

This post today will be a little different – a new collection, pre-orders, and a fun fact. I usually just blog about my books but I thought this would be fun today. What’s the fun fact? Wacky Medieval medicine. Check out the ‘Theory of the Wandering Womb’…

Medical practitioners during the middle ages failed to agree on a rather unusual point connected to feminine complaints- whether the womb was stationary or whether it wandered around inside the body causing a variety of other ailments- including vomiting if it stopped at the heart, and loss of voice and an ashen complexion if it stopped at the liver. The stress of a wandering womb was usually believed to be the cause of hysteria. Indeed the word hysterical translates loosely as madness of the womb. Even physicians who did not adhere to the theory of the wandering womb, agreed that hysteria was a solely female complaint and was probably caused by a lack of intercourse when uterine secretions built up and were not released, thereby causing the entire body to be poisoned.

Uh……. yeah. Thank goodness we don’t live in those times!!

Now, for the books –

I’ve got a new collection out: Songs of Heroes and Poets. This is a 5-book limited set for only .99 cents, so grab yours while it lasts:

Songs of Heroes and Poets on Amazon

And Warwolfe will be here before you know it, so make sure you have your copy reserved – this one is SUCH a big adventure, so please don’t miss it. Reserve it now!



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