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Countdown to BattleWolfe has begun!

Seriously… William and Kieran in their prime? So much of this book (other than the H and H) are William and Kieran being, well, William and Kieran. Kieran had to be one of my favorite all-time characters and the fact that I was able to write about him in his prime was just such a treat.

Of course, there’s the man they call War – Warwick Herringthorpe, the illegitimate son of William de Wolfe (about three years before he met Jordan). Illegitimacy, in any historical setting, is such a delicate situation, so William and Jordan are faced with something that will test Jordan’s trust in her husband. The way she finds out – yikes! This is a story you will NOT want to miss! Drama, drama, drama!!

The OG de Wolfe Pack rides again in BattleWolfe!!