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DARK STEEL is here!

Dane Stoneley’s book has just gone up for pre-order, and it’s going to be a whopper of a tale!

If you’ve read The Dark One: Dark Knight, then you know that Dane Stoneley was the heroine’s son who was adopted by the hero. Dane was a bossy, sweet young man in that story, and now he’s all grown up and leading battles on the Welsh marches. When he saves the Duke of Shrewsbury’s life, the duke pledges his only daughter to Dane as a reward. Dane is really happy about it – except for the marriage part – until he sees his bride. Then, things change a bit.

Don’t miss the action in this one, and it’s only .99 cents right now for a limited time, so make sure you reserve your copy at this low price! (and don’t forget that Trenton de Russe’s story is also up for pre order in Dark Moon!)