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Dark Warrior is coming next month!

Cort’s story is really going to be something – this one has been a lot of fun to write, mostly because Cort has a very different personality from his brothers and father. He’s quite flippant and glib, but very lovable – and very emotional.

As I’ve mentioned before, Gaston is ill in this book and I’m hesitant to say that he may even be on his deathbed. You’ll have to read the book to find out. I’ve always promised I would never write of a major hero’s death, and I won’t, but we all know that Gaston has been ill in the latter part of his life. Now, with Cort engaging in treason, Gaston must summon the strength to save his son.

This one is going to be a heartbreaker, so make sure you have your copy reserved. Coming March 4, 2020 – and it’s a big book!