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Darkling, I Listen

Seeking a new life away from bad circumstances in her native America, Scarlett Ward moves her daughters to England. Their new home, a run-down old rectory, is vandalized the first night in their new country. When Scarlett calls the police to report the crime, a handsome deputy constable appears.
Archer Phipps is a well-known figure in North Yorkshire. Tall and handsome, he is immediately taken with the gorgeous American with the dark hair and red lips. A routine police report turns into something warm and curious, and Archer finds himself drawn to the luscious woman. He can also see that she is very guarded. Curiosity turns to concern, and concern to genuine interest. Archer and Scarlett began to fall for each other quickly with a fiery passion borne of lust and magnetic attraction.
But something evil is lurking in the mist of the North Yorkshire moors. Ten years ago, when Archer was a new inspector, a series of murders were committed by an individual given the horrific nickname of the Yorkshire Cutter. His crimes were particularly brutal, leaving notes behind at the crime scenes that incorporated poems of great English poets into his twisted taunts. Now, as Archer and Scarlett draw closer, the Yorkshire Cutter rears his ugly head again.
Archer finds himself once again embroiled in tracking down a killer that now has his sights set on Scarlett. Through life and death, love and loss, Archer and Scarlett face off against a killer in a tense c with an unexpected twist. Part thriller, part mystery, and all love story, ‘Darkling, I Listen’ is a true adventure in every sense of the word.