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DARKWOLFE is available for pre order!

Now that Scott de Wolfe’s story has been released, Troy’s story is now up for pre order in DARKWOLFE!

Following a terrible tragedy that robbed him of his wife, the dark and fiery second son of the Wolfe of the Border finds solace in battle….
Quick to temper, and an aggressive fighter, Troy de Wolfe is at the helm of his father’s army when it subdues a smaller castle south of Kelso. Assuming command, Troy is in the heart of Scots territory and the Scots aren’t happy about it one bit. Trying to gain peace with a powerful clan, Troy is offered a choice – either fight the clan’s most fearsome warrior or marry the daughter of the clan chief. Having no desire to wed again, Troy chooses to fight the warrior.
Imagine his surprise when the clan chief’s daughter and the fearsome warrior are one in the same.

So begins a very volatile – and very funny – relationship between Troy de Wolfe and Rhoswyn Johnstone, made even more humorous when Troy is defeated by the woman because he is afraid of hurting her. Since she is the victor, she names the terms of his surrender which, of course, are that he marry her. Humiliated, Troy weds the Scots maiden right there in the shadow of his defeat.

This is going to be a super-fun story with a lot of humor in it, do make sure you pre order a this Scottish romance – where the only person it in it who isn’t Scottish is the hero!

Avialable on all platforms!



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