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Deutsche Bücher kommen bald!

That title means that my German-language books are coming soon!

Willkommen, deutsche Leser! (Welcome, German readers!)

I’m very excited to announce that I already have seven books in various stages of translation into the German language. The German romance market is huge and before the end of the year, I’ll be publishing at least 18 novels in German.

Now, I’ll say that in German: Vor Ende des Jahres werde ich mindestens 18 Romane auf Deutsch veröffentlichen!

That’s really exciting news. By April 2018, I will have at least six of those novels published. The list includes:

The Thunder Lord (Der Herr des Donner) is available now

The Thunder Warrior (Der Krieger des Donner) and The Thunder Knight (Der Ritter des Donner), Books 2 and 3, will be available by the second week in April 2018.

Other books coming April 2018 are: The Highlander’s Hidden Heart and Deep Into Darkness.

Queen of Lost Stars and The Dark Lord are also being translated as we speak and should be available by June 2018.

With 87 published novels, it will take some time to have all of them translated, but more and more will be following, including my top-selling series, the De Wolfe Pack. To my lovely German readers, please look for my name on – I can promise you quality books at great prices.  If you’d like to read some of them in English right now, feel free to head over to my Amazon page, where all of my Medieval novels are in Kindle Unlimited OR available for sale!