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Did I mention how much I love my readers?

I absolutely have the best readers in the world.  They’re curious, interesting, laugh at the appropriate places in my novels, and cry at the appropriate places. Plus, they’re enthusiastic about reading in general. Sure, they love my books. But they love other author’s books, too, and I’m thrilled about that. Even those readers who only so-so like my books or perhaps don’t like them at all, I love them, as well… hey; you can’t win them all! For those who find my books aren’t their cup of tea, I’m just grateful they gave them a try. I guess you can’t win ’em all, but I will continue writing in the hopes that one day, I WILL be able to win them all! If you don’t succeed, try… try… again! Okay, this post is full of mushy metaphors. Signing off now….