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Don’t miss the December sales

As of 12/26/13, there’s a lot going on – stay with me while I outline all of the sales and upcoming releases:

1.  THE LEGEND is currently only $1.99 for Kindle. This is SUCH a great book – all sorts of action and passion. It’s a MUST read;

2.  FRAGMENTS OF GRACE will be a Kindle Countdown Deal starting tomorrow.  This is the first time this book has been on sale, so you absolutely must get this prequel to the DRAGONBLADE TRILOGY. Must, must, must. It’s a great Medieval Romance that leans heavily to the Tragedy genre, but well worth the read. Get a box of Kleenex handy.

3.  LORD OF LIGHT is available for pre-sale.  Early feedback from the Beta readers (the test-pilots for any novel before it goes on sale) is super-positive. Everyone loves it; it’s a very different novel in that it’s more a snapshot of a knight’s life more than it’s a series of adventures.  Be sure to pre-order it for $3.99 here:

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous and happy 2014!!