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I’m so incredibly excited to make this big announcement!. What an honor it is for me to be included with these great authors on this project with all NEW material! That’s right – I’m writing a NEW book for this. Get ready for something BIG!

One legend. One family. One chance to reverse the tides of fortune.
WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU is a unique multi-genre collection of an ancient curse that sweeps through hundreds of years of the same family – from the Roman era to Medieval England and Medieval Scotland, then through the Tudor, Georgian, and Regency periods, finally ending with contemporary closure. The de Reyne family, and its generations of descendants, have more than just the family tree in common – they have a family heirloom that belonged to an ancestor, a Roman gladius said to be as cursed as it is valuable. Every generation of the family is saddled with this curse and every generation must overcome the mysteries of bad fortune brought about by the gladius. In their own way, each generation must find their own happiness.

This is an utterly unique collection of short novels comprised in one large book, written by six of Historical Romance’s top authors – Christi Caldwell, Eva Devon, Eliza Knight, Le Veque, Suzan Tisdale, and Cynthia Wright bring this deeply romantic and triumphant collection to you.

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