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Evenshade is .99 cents in time for Halloween!

Authors will tell you that they re-read their own books. I certainly do. They’ll also tell you that they have certain go-to books that they read over and over. It’s not a narcissistic – it’s like visiting old friends. There’s comfort in reading about favorite characters.

Here’s my ‘old friends’ book – Evenshade. This is one of my favorite re-reads, mostly because I just dig the hero, Cord. He’s a modern-day knight, a firefighter who also happens to be a powerful warlock. This book was soooooooo much fun to write, bringing actual history from the Salem Witch Trials and creating a modern-day romance with it (and one of my favorite subjects – old houses!)

Want a fun, spooky, and sexy read for Halloween? This one reads like a spooky horror movie (but no gore!) and now it’s only .99 cents on all platforms. It is seriously one of my favorites – I can’t recommend it enough.

Get your copy of EVENSHADE and read about a hero who’s pretty much at the top of my list of favorites heroes of all time!

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