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Ever My Love: The Lore of the Lucius Ring is live for pre-order!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this collection. It’s the sequel to original multi-genre romance collection WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU: The Legend of the Theodosia Sword, the USA Today bestselling collection from 2015.  Most of the same “Dreams Team” is back for a second round, but unfortunately, we had to say farewell to a few of the authors because of prior commitments.  We were able to bring in three new and fantastic authors to round out the collection in NYT Bestsellers Cheryl Bolen, Susan Stoker, and Sabrina York. Talk about heavy hitters! We’re so, so happy to have their talents!!

If you read WDOOY (and I hope you did!), then you know that the stories followed the Theodosia Sword, and it’s curse, as it was passed down through the de Reyne family.  EML follows much the same path, only it does it from Theodosia’s perspective – when Lucius married Theodosia, he gave her a ring from his mother’s side of the family. But the ring wasn’t just ‘any’ ring – it was said that the stone would remain crimson until the owner’s 25th birthday. If she hadn’t found love by that day, then the stone would turn dark and she would be forever cursed from finding love. Of course, our ladies really want to make sure that ring remains crimson, so it’s race against time for our heroines to find love by the time they turn 25.  And, oh BOY, what adventures they have!!

So, you’re really going to want to read this collection. Super-adventure, super-hot in parts, and all love story, EVER MY LOVE is going to be well worth the wait. Make sure you reserve your copy!


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