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Exciting news!

You’re going to want to check out my “Upcoming Books” page – it has been completely updated with coming projects, including three multi-author collaborations I’m fortunate enough to be a part of.  Also, you can see what I’m working on for an early September release – the sequel to THE LION OF THE NORTH called WALLS OF BABYLON.  Lots of very exciting things coming up over the several months and I can promise you that you’re going to have a lot of new reading material from me, so go check out my UPCOMING BOOKS page!

Also – a reminder that THE LION OF THE NORTH drops on Monday August 17, so make sure you have your copy reserved. Advance reviews say that you won’t be able to put this one down – full of emotion, lots of adventure, and a badass knight named Atticus.  As a descendant of William de Wolfe, Atticus is very much in the image of his great ancestor, so fans of THE WOLFE should love this one. Make sure you have your copy reserved!