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The Fallen One is coming!

This is going to be another one of those novels along the lines of DRAGONBLADE, ISLAND OF GLASS, OR THE SAVAGE CURTAIN.  So, so much passion and emotion tied up in this novel.  It’s been so much fun to write, feeling what the characters are feeling, putting their lives onto paper. THE FALLEN ONE is about a knight who was ‘unofficially’ the fourth knight in the Dragonblade group – you had Tate, Ken, and Stephen, and… Mathias.  Whereas Tate, Ken and Stephen sided with Edward III, Mathias was bound by honor to side with Roger Mortimer, and we all know where that ended up.  This novel isn’t meant to be part of the Dragonblade trilogy but it will be tied into it.  Imagine Tate or Ken or Stephen if they had been dishonored and stripped of their knighthood… now you have the setting for Mathias. A great, great knight who was on the wrong side of a war.

This is really going to be a good one, so stay tuned!!