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Get up to speed on Dragonblade Publishing!

Dragonblade Publishing, who has been my publishing imprint since I started in this wacky business, also publishes several really talented authors. I don’t normally share other authors in my blog, but for 2017, I’m going to start sharing authors I really think you should read – or even authors with great deals on books – because I think all readers love a bargain and the more favorite authors to read, the better. These authors are seriously good, so pick up a book or two – most for only .99 cents!

So let’s start with a few Dragonblade authors currently on sale –

MEARA PLATT is a Golden Heart winner who usually writes Regency novels. She is writing a Fae-Regency series for Dragonblade (if you don’t know what Fae is, that means fairies!) set in England’s lake district. This is GOOD stuff, so don’t miss it if you like your historical romance with a little twist.  Book One – Garden of Shadows is available here: Garden of Shadows by Meara Platt

NYT Times bestselling author PAULA QUINN is writing a really cool dragon shape-shifter romance series for Dragonblade, the RULERS OF THE SKY series. The first book, SCORCHED, is phenomenal. I encourage you to try this series at only .99 cents for Book One. You can pre order SCORCHED here: Scorched by Paula Quinn

VICTORIA ZAK has made a name for herself writing Highlander Dragon romances, but now she’s spread her wings a little bit – she’s writing a Vampire/Fae romance series (you read that right). Her fae heroines are actually vampires, so this makes for some really cool and fascinating stories. Book One in the Daughters of Highland Darkness series, BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, is available here for only .99 cents: Beautiful Darkness by Victoria Zak

MARY LANCASTER is a stunningly good writer from Scotland. Her first Regency series, THE IMPERIAL SEASON, is with Dragonblade and the reviews on it are amazing. Her writing is flawless and you will fall in love with her characters, so give Book One a try – VIENNA WALTZ. What a romantic title! Vienna Waltz by Mary Lancaster

LYNN WINCHESTER is penning a sweet Western series for Dragonblade, DRY BAYOU BRIDES. Remember “Little House on the Prairie”? They’re kind of like that except with more romance. Want a light, clean read? Then this series is for you. For .99 cents, you really can’t go wrong with THE SHEPHERD’S DAUGHTER  and it’s sequel, THE SEAMSTRESS. Check them out here: The Shepherd’s Daughter by Lynn Winchester

ALEXA ASTON is writing kick-ass Medieval romance you won’t want to miss. A seriously good series is being released by Dragonblade starting with WORD OF HONOR. For .99 cents? You can’t lose! Word of Honor by Alexa Aston

VIOLETTA RAND is an accomplished historical romance author who has signed with Dragonblade for a five book Viking Romance series. The first three books are out – LOVE’S FURY, DESIRE’S FURY, and PASSION’S FURY – so don’t miss this series because it’s Viking Romance at it’s best. Seriously good stuff! Love’s Fury by Violetta Rand

And there are MORE authors coming in 2017, so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned to what Dragonblade is putting out – quality writing by exciting authors at a reasonable price. You can sign up for Dragonblade Publishing’s blog at Dragonblade Publishing to stay up to date on what’s coming!

Happy Reading!!