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Gothic is AWESOME!!

Summer’s coming and before you know it, we’ll start seeing Halloween decorations in August at Target… UGH!… and that’s a reminder that you really want to reserve your copy of this fabulous collection of Gothic Regency tales. And it marks a first for me – a Regency novella – but it’s going to be kind a dark Regency with Medieval influence. You wouldn’t expect anything less, right?

Miss Emma Fairweather is my heroine, but her life has been anything but fair. She’s got some serious skeletons in the closet. This is definitely something you’re going to want to read so pre order it and forget it – and then it’ll magically appear on your Kindle or reading device of choice on October 24! Seems like a long way away, but we all know it’s not. Wow. This year is going so quickly already!

When doors creak and ghostly whispers are heard in the midnight hour, this stunning collection of Gothic Historical Romance is sure to leave you breathless with Poe-inspired, romantic dreams…

Go forth and clickkkkkkkkkk!