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“Great Protector” has been released in a ‘clean’ version

I’ve had many people tell me how much they want to read my books but that they don’t go in for the ‘steamy’ parts. In other words, there are many readers that like their romance to stop at the bedroom door. The books that are written without sex in them are called ‘clean’ or ‘inspirational’ reads, although the ‘inspirational’ usually leans towards the religious side of things.  With that explained, I’m very proud to announce that “Great Protector” has been released in a “clean/Inspirational” version. In this case, “inspirational” basically means I’ve cleaned up the sex scenes so that anyone who isn’t comfortable with that kind of thing can read it.

Let me be clear – this does NOT mean I am going to be writing differently in the future. My style, and my books, will remain the same. It simply means that I will be ‘cleaning up’ select novels on my backlist so that there will be two versions – a ‘clean’ one and the regular steamy one. Such is the case with “Great Protector” – there are now two versions.  It’s my hope that readers who are uncomfortable reading about sex will now have an opportunity to read some of my novels – the clean versions.  Therefore, if you know anyone who only reads ‘clean or inspirational’ books, please let them know that “GREAT PROTECTOR” is now out in a clean version!

Happy Reading to all!!


Great Protector Clean Version

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  • Patricia Rodela
    Posted February 18, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    I understand where some would want a clean version of Great Protector, but I love the original and your many other beautifully written books!!!

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