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Highland Gladiator his here for Pre order!

Finally! The moment I have been waiting for!

Highland Gladiator is available for pre order!A couple of things to note about this book – the first thing is that it has been a very long time since I’ve been so proud and excited about a story. This is the kick off to a fight guild located south of Edinburgh, and it’s a whole new world that I really think you’re going to love. No de Wolfe, no de Lohr (but I do have a de Lara as a secondary character), but the hero, Lor Careston, is such a tragic yet powerful figure. He’s dreamy. It’s really a fabulous story and I hope you read it.

Secondly, since this book is through Sourcebooks, I have no control over the price. You know I love to give my readers the lowest prices for the biggest books, but this is something I have no control over. Still, I hope you’ll pre order it. I promise you that the book will be well-worth it. It’s at a discount now on Amazon. (Kobo links coming soon)

Make sure to pre order your copy – truly, one of my best!