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How To Wed A Wild Lass is wild fun!

Two brothers. Two brides. Who will tame whom?

Emma Prince and I have teamed up for a super-fun Scottish Romance duet. I’m really excited about this because it’s just plain FUN – and funny! Twins by birth, the midwife forgets to mark who is the first born, so there is a crisis of inheritance.

My brother, River, is determined to cheat by finding desperate women. He really doesn’t care ‘who’ he marries, so long as he marries. But when he finds a trio of sisters who take desperation to a whole new level, he begins to re-think his position. Chaos and hilarity ensue!

It’s a wild ride on the Scottish borders as two brothers go in search of a bride, and the first one to wed becomes the next Earl of Drumburgh – if he can survive!

It’s madness, mayhem, and seduction on the Scottish borders in awesome collection, so reserve your copy at this great low price!