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In creative mode….

When I’m in ‘creative mode’, I kind of drop off the face of the earth. My brain is so entrenched in the creative process – writing a story – that time flies and I forget all else.

Right now, I’ve got three novels going at the same time, so I’m rotating my time on each one of them.  I think it’s better if I don’t do that kind of thing (kind of like writer’s ADD) and focus on one story at a time, but I’ll be in the middle of something and suddenly get a great idea for another book I’m working on.  Throw the gears, down shift, and flip to the other book!   I literally have to tell people ‘if you text/call me and I don’t answer, give me a day or two before I can get back to you. I’m writing!’… and that seems to explain everything….

Benefit for you, the reader:  That means great stories are heading your way, so get ready! My buried head is your gain!