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In preparation for THE IRON KNIGHT – read the entire de Russe Collection for only .99 cents!

Since THE IRON KNIGHT is coming out very soon, don’t forget that the complete de Russe series is available now for only .99 cents. This collection includes the BIG dog in the fight, THE DARK ONE: DARK KNIGHT, plus BEAST (which some consider my best book), plus LORD OF WAR: BLACK ANGEL and THE FALLS OF ERITH.

What do I like about the de Russe family? They’re fighters, all of them. Nothing comes easily to them. They pick really deep and terrible battles and they always emerge on top. I mean, seriously – Gaston takes on the Catholic church in THE DARK ONE: DARK KNIGHT and in BEAST, Bastian takes on Joan of Arc and, essentially, most of England. I love BEAST’s opening scene – in my opinion, it’s one of the best I’ve ever written. It was a difficult one to write, too, dealing with the death of Joan of Arc. If you haven’t read it, then you must – it’s a Le Veque essential. Now you can get this book, plus three more, all for .99 cents.

This sale is limited – it will be gone next month, so make sure you get your copy now AND your copy of THE IRON KNIGHT. Early reviews say it’s my best book of the year!

The Complete de Russe Collection on Amazon

The Iron Knight on Amazon