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Interesting facts about the HIGH WARRIOR

This is a book you’re definitely going to want to read. This is a knight with battle fatigue, although back in Medieval Times, such things weren’t really diagnosed. I found a document written by a 14th century French knight who actually discusses battle fatigue and PTSD, but the work was analyzed by a well-known Medievalist who made some very valid points – namely, that the sons of noblemen who trained for the knighthood were introduced to it at a very young age. As young boys, their education as knights began, unlike today’s modern soldier. Most modern soldiers have a civilian life before taking up weapons, which is why it’s such a shock in battle. But Medieval knights didn’t have that civilian life to reference – to them, it was all battle, all the time. Therefore, I’ve had to treat our hero’s battle fatigue in a particular way, because he has been fighting battles since he was, literally, a boy. In one scene, after suffering his breakdown, he says that he needs to ‘find himself again’. And that’s true – without fighting, he has no identity. To compound the matter, he’s married a woman who has lived a sheltered life and has never really been around knights, so she has no idea how to help him. Deep and emotional stuff!

So, make sure you’ve got your copy reserved. HIGH WARRIOR is coming April 19 and I’m very excited about Bric and Eiselle’s story!!

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