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Let’s talk about the Kieran Hages – #1 and #2

I get this question a LOT and it’s really my own fault for making family ties confusing, so here’s the explanation on why there are TWO Kieran Hages –

Kieran Hage #1 – the hero from The Crusader and Kingdom Come. If you recall in Kingdom Come, which is a time-travel novel dealing with Rory and Kieran being back in Medieval Times, there’s a big twist at the end of the book. Not want to blow this twist for those of you who haven’t read it (and you MUST read it because it’s a killer twist), Kieran ‘disappears’ from Medieval England at that point. He leaves behind his young son, Tevin, who was named after Tevin du Reims of WHILE ANGELS SLEPT, who was his mother’s father (Kieran’s grandfather). If you recall, Tevin from WHILE ANGELS SLEPT was the UNCLE of Christopher de Lohr because Tevin’s sister, Val, married Myles de Lohr, a knight. These two became parents to Christopher and David de Lohr, making Christopher and David related to both Kieran Hages. William de Wolfe’s father, Edward, also served Christopher de Lohr if you recall, so the de Lohr’s are linked to THE WOLFE by two of their characters,

But I digress. Kieran Hage #1, having left Medieval England at the end of KINGDOM COME, left behind his son, Tevin, who his brother Sean raised as his own. Tevin Hage was a great man, a powerful knight, and he was told that his father, Kieran, had been killed, as had his mother. Both of his parents are gone. Therefore, he knew his father was Kieran #1 and that Sean, even though he raised him, was his uncle.  Sean then had three sons of his own that were younger than his nephew Tevin, and it was Sean’s youngest son, Jeffrey (named for Kieran #1 and Sean’s father) who had Kieran #2, named for Kieran #1.  Kieran #2 is the Kieran who appears in The Wolfe and Serpent, and Kieran #2 only had one brother, Christian (again, named for a great-uncle, Kieran #1’s brother). Yes, I know there are a lot of repeat names here, but families often do that – they name each other after, well, each other all of the time. The Hage family is no different.

Therefore – Kieran #2 from The Wolfe is Kieran #1’s great-nephew.   If you haven’t read Kingdom Come, do it this week!

I hope that clears it up. Someday I intend to make a great big family tree, but I have a feeling it would look more like a spider’s web!!