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Lord of War: Black Angel soon to be an audiobook!!

The biggest news of all for November is that LORD OF WAR: BLACK ANGEL will be an audiobook in time for Christmas!!  It will be the first of my novels to be converted to audiobook, so be prepared for the other 39 to come in 2014 and 2015.   I’m very, VERY excited about the project, as I have spent the past few months auditioning voice talent for the narration. I’ve settled on a wonderful British actor with a FABULOUS accent that really brings the characters to life – his voice is very sensual and strong, which is exactly what I wanted.

However, I will forewarn you that I’ve eliminated the graphic sex in the novel because I really wanted EVERYONE to be able to listen to the book – YA through great-grandmas who really don’t need to hear such graphic sexual details, so it really will be perfect for all ages.  Not to say that any of the romance has been removed, because it hasn’t – it’s the same romantic novel that you’re familiar with.  The sex scenes(and there were only three) are ‘heated’ and ‘implied’, but not graphic.  I would feel totally comfortable letting my own kids listen to it – or my very religious grandmother!  But don’t worry that I’m going to remove the graphic sex from every audiobook; I won’t. But in this case, with the first roll-out at Christmas, I made the decision to make everyone comfortable if you are going to give it as a gift. That story is meant to be heard by a wider audience and I wanted to make it appropriate for everyone.  And be sure to get a copy for yourself! You’ll LOVE the narrator, as he totally brings Brandt and Ellowyn to life!

Look for LORD OF WAR: BLACK ANGEL on Amazon and iTunes near Christmas.  What a GREAT gift for someone!!