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Lots coming up…

THE QUESTING will be due out later today (this evening) on Amazon for Kindle and the paperback version will be available next week.  I’m so excited for this story to drop! I think you’re really going to love this tale of two people united for a common cause… it’s a story about the journey more than the destination, although the destination certain packs a punch!  Then, my late July/early August release will be the updated DEVIL’S DOMINION. A big, bad knight goes after Ajax de Velt (THE DARK LORD) for what Jax did to his family. Not to be missed!!  In fact, both THE QUESTING and DEVIL’S DOMINION have ties to THE DARK LORD, so if you haven’t read that novel yet, you’re going to want to. It will definitely enrich your reading experience.

What else am I up to this summer? Trying to pop three big novels out between June and September! LOL! That leaves me time to breathe and that’s about it, but I just adore these stories that will be coming out. I think you will, too. As my Street Team says, they’re my reading vultures and those darn vultures are hanging over my shoulder constantly, hungry for the next book!

So… get a copy of THE DARK LORD and read that – then, enjoy THE QUESTING and DEVIL’S DOMINION when they are released.   I will definitely announce when THE QUESTING is available on my website, so watch for the post with the link. Or – just check Amazon!

Here’s a link for THE DARK LORD:

Happy reading!!