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Meet THE RED LION, my highland warrior series

Well, I did it. I entered the Highlands.

In the anthology that I’m a part of, ONCE UPON A HAUNTED CASTLE, my contribution is a novella called DEEP INTO DARKNESS. It’s based in Scotland with a Scottish hero.  I’ve been talking about this one lately because it will also be the second installment in The Lore Chronicles for me, stories based on poems or tales by Edgar Allan Poe. But as I was writing DEEP INTO DARKNESS, I immediately fell in love with the hero and heroine, Jamison and Havilland. Jamison is a highlander from Clan Munro, but he’s kind of a worldly guy. He’s traveled, he’s fought with and for the English, so although his heart is highlander, the rest of him is kind of continental. Well, since DID was just a novella, there was no way to make Jamison and Havilland’s story bigger and better. So I simultaneously started the prequel to DID, a story called THE RED LION. Jamison, my red-headed highlander, is known as The Red Lion to his clan.

I am absolutely in love with this story and with Jamison, so I’m so very excited to present to you the pre order link to THE RED LION, my very first highlander tale. Make sure you get it in conjunction with ONCE UPON A HAUNTED CASTLE so you get the full impact of both stories involving Jamison and Havilland. Havilland, by the way, is a lady warrior from the de Llion family (related to Devil’s Dominion, The Dark Lord, Spectre of the Sword, and several other novels). She’s pretty awesome, too!

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