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More bundles to binge read!

September is right around the corner!

Take some time for yourself with lots of good books, and I’ve got a couple of excellent bundles for you to binge read. They are in Kindle Unlimited, so don’t forget to read them there – for $9.99 a month, that subscription just paid for both of these bundles if you were to buy the books separately. However, these bundles are both only 99 cents for a limited time, so you can pick up a copy to keep, too!

One bundle is a re-issue from a couple of years ago, but there are some great books in it, so it never gets old. Brides of the North is one of my favorite bundles and with a sneak-peak of a coming novel I hope to have finished in 2021. The second bundle is BRAND new, never-before issued – The Gaston de Russe Collection contains Gaston, Matthew, Trenton, and Dane – not to be missed, so make sure you pick up a copy and/or read it in Kindle Unlimited!

These bundles are GREAT for new readers to my universe, but they’re also great for existing readers because if there’s just one book in the bundle you don’t have, it’s only .99 cents! Grab it because it’s a steal!

Brides of the North:

The Gaston de Russe Collection:

Get them both!