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Musings for Today

Usually, I blog about coming books and sales, but today, I’m going to talk a little bit about the process of creating a book. Sound interesting? It is!

Books are like a soup. Lots of ingredients go into it to create that perfect final product. Some are simple, some are complex. Some are sweet, some are salty. Like that analogy? LOL! Some  you can’t get enough of and some you just can’t finish. Man, I’m on a roll here. Anyway, I thought I’d talk today about what it took to pull together my coming release, WARWOLFE.

This one was complex. VERY complex, mostly because of my Kindle World, Le Veque’s World of de Wolfe Pack. In that world, I had several books that were based on Warwolfe – actually, on the outline of Warwolfe, because I hadn’t even finished the book yet when those stories were written. So, when I actually sat down to write the book, I had to keep it within the parameters set by other authors. That’s unusual – usually, when I sit down to write a book, I have complete freedom to create (within the parameters that I have personally set for the family I’m writing about). So, for Warwolfe, I had to have my assistant make book bibles out of the Kindle World books that related to Warwolfe so I didn’t miss anything. You should have seen me! I had the book bibles spread out over my desk, referring to what other’s had written to make sure that I, too, kept that continuity. For example –

  • Gaetan de Wolfe descends from Breton kings, as established in author Victoria Vane’s books, ‘Breton Wolfe’ and ‘Ivar the Red’.
  • Gaetan de Wolfe is the ancestor, and specifically mentioned, in Anna Markland’s book ‘Hungry Like de Wolfe’ (love that title!! lol)

There’s more, but that’s just an example of having to stick with what other’s had written about a character I’d only outlined when those books were written. And then there’s the original de Wolfe pack I wrote about – Oh, boy!! – nine Norman knights from nine of my biggest families. Each one of them had to be developed somewhat, had to have dialogue, and had to be given specific personality traits. Plus, I had a priest to write about, a few secondary characters, AND the ancestors of the House of de Shera (Lords of Thunder), so to say this book was complicated on many levels is an understatement. And let’s not forget about the heroine – to win the the heart of the original Wolfe, she had to be something pretty dang special, and she is. A Saxon warrior princess who, when put to the test, comes up victorious. Lady Ghislaine is most worthy of the de Wolfe legacy.

The results of all of this complexity is so worth it. In WARWOLFE, you’ll find a lush, complex, and intriguing story that’s going to suck you in from the start and not let you go until the very end. This story has a purpose – Gaetan and his men are searching for one of their missing brethren, so this book takes you on quite the adventure. Like a good soup, it has many ingredients that will have you licking the bowl (hopefully) when it’s all finished, wanting to eat up every last drop.

Therefore, I sincerely hope you’ve pre ordered your copy, which will be here in 9 days. Consider this blog post the smell of what’s cooking – and what’s coming – for you to savor!

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