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New Book Bundles coming your way!

Book bundles (of previously published novels in this case) are always a great way for readers to get fabulous deals on books. Book bundles have a few purposes – for new readers to reader books at a low price or for existing readers to get a great deal are just a couple of those purposes.

Because I have so many books (over 125 published!!), book bundles are a great way for me to promote my books to new or existing readers. I like to do combination bundles – either an entire series, or built around a theme (like Scottish women or men was dark reputations, or whatever), but I can mix a match a thousand different ways and you’ll get a great mix of books that way.

Now, that being said, for existing readers, you might already have the books and you don’t want to buy them again which is why I always clearly list what books are part of the set. Or, maybe you have three out of the four books in the set already – in that case, get the set for the one book you don’t have because it will more than likely always be at a lower price that that book sold on its own.

For new readers, it’s like a bonanza! So many books at such a low price! Whoo hooo!!

For KU Readers, it’s binge reading heaven! For KU readers, even if you want to buy the set, read it in KU first and then purchase to keep. You can’t go wrong with hours (and even days) of books to binge read and if you’re like me, you read your books over and over again. I have books I read constantly. It’s like visiting old friends every time.

So – check out these bundles (two reissued, one new one) and pick up one or two or three – and if you have KU, don’t forget that you can read them in KU!

Queens of Medieval Romance:

The Thunder Legacy:

The Original de Wolfe Pack: