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New books in Kindle Unlimited – READ AWAY!!

Something special today! My latest release, WOLFEHEART, can now be read in Kindle Unlimited!
I’ve also got three new boxed sets out – one is brand-new (Poseidon’s Legion) and the other two are reissues. They came out a few years ago, but they were such great sets, I brought them back again.
Check them out – if there is a book in the set that you haven’t read yet, it’s worth it just to get the set.  They’re a GREAT deal and an awesome addition to your Le Veque library!
You can read them all for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! 🥳
Kindle Unlimited is a terrific way to binge read. Right now, Amazon is running some promotions if you sign up for a Kindle Unlimited Membership, so go to Amazon and click on the Kindle Unlimited tab. Not only can you read books in Kindle Unlimited, but did you know that you can also read magazines and periodicals? All for only $9.99 a month!
It’s a Kindle Unlimited Bonanza from Le Veque Novels!
Poseidon’s Legion:
Brides with Blades: