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New Bundle Alert!

Lookee, lookee – it’s a lovely, new bundle: DE REYNE DOMINATION!!

Remember that bundles like this, or collections, are of previously published books. I do them for a couple of reasons – 1)for new readers who may have never read my books before, but also for my fabulous existing readers because, possibly, there’s one book in the collection you don’t already have. It makes getting the collection a bargain!

But most of all – I do it for KU readers so they can binge read like crazy! Even if you’ve read these books individually in Kindle Unlimited, grab the bundle and read through it again! It costs you nothing! But you get the chance to read about Creed, Ridge, Gage, and Eryx all at once…yum!!

Enjoy this bundle for great weekend – and weekday – reading! (and check out that delicious cover!!)