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New Bundles Alert! Read in Kindle Unlimited!

I’ve got two big, new bundles out right now!
I know there are crazy things going on in the world and I want to provide you with a little respite – lots and lots of reading material.
Bundles are great for two reasons – binge reading, of course, but also if you’re a new reader to me, you can get four or more of my books in one place, always for a super-low price. 
Of course, if you’re already a reader, always check out these bundles to make sure you have all of the books – if you don’t, then picking up the bundle for the one book you don’t have is always a great deal!
If you’re a KU reader, you can do me a favor – read it in KU! These bundles are designed for Kindle Unlimited readers. If you still want to buy it, then buy it, too, but reading these bundles in KU is better for me, as an author, so read in KU first and THEN buy if you still want to. Either way, it’s a great deal because these bundles are ONLY .99 cents!
Now, on to the bundles!
England’s Greatest Knights:
Welcome to the world of England’s Greatest Knights. Return to the days of chivalry and honor, with powerful but flawed warriors and the women who love them. Love Romance and Alpha-Males? Discover the original Alphas within these pages. Over 1400 pages of adventure, romance, and swoon-worthy passion that will keep you devouring each page. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
The Dark Brotherhood
When shadows fall and darkness covers the land, men of terror come to life. Knights of blood and of war bring forth the very worst that Medieval brutality has to offer, but in that darkness, there is a ray of hope. Women of brightness shine the most when confronting the darkness within men. Be shocked at nothing within the pages of this collection, for these novels will take you into the blackness and back again, where love reigns supreme, even over evil.

Romance comes in many shades, in many ways.
Stay safe – and Happy Reading!!