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New bundles to binge read in Kindle Unlimited!

I’ve got three new bundles for you to ENJOY!!

Bundles are really great in many ways, not the least of which is the fact that they are a bargain. I always like to give my readers a bargain. Between these three bundles, you get fifteen books for under $4. That’s crazy! But the best thing you can do for an author in Kindle Unlimited is read those books in Kindle Unlimited first – and then buy the bundle if you want to hang on to it. At .99 cents each, you can’t go wrong!

These are bundles of books that are already published, but that’s okay – for new readers, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to Le Veque Novels and for my lovely existing readers, they’re still a great deal if the bundle has a book you haven’t read yet. The price is worth picking up the set!

All of the books included in the bundle are clearly spelled out, so you can discover which ones you already have – and which ones you don’t.

Here are the great new bundles that have just come out!

Brides of the Anarchy:

Abducted Brides:

Lasses and their Lovers:

Grab them all! Seriously! And share with your friends so they can get a great deal, too!