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New Release next week!

Dark Warrior is releasing on March 4 and I’m super-excited about it. This is a big book, so lots of lovely pages to read and get lost in. Even my editor loved it, and he’s a hard-sell, so hopefully that means my readers will love it as well. I will forewarn you that you’ll need to buy stock in Kleenex, though. The ending will be a punch to the gut, but oh-so-satisfying. I promise!

Don’t forget to pre order your copy for only .99 cents before the price goes up!





I’m also about to put my July release on pre order – STAR OF PERFECT SPLENDOR. This is Rance de Troye’s tale – you met Rance in DARK MOON as the knight who didn’t get the girl. In fact, he was kind of screwed over in the situation, so I’m very happy to give a most deserving knight his own tale as part of the de Russe Legacy series.  Plus, he’s got a GREAT cover!! <<fans self>>

More to come on Rance and his heroine, Luna! (she’s the star of perfect splendor!)

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  • Marcy Genna
    Posted February 29, 2020 at 7:44 am

    So excited for this book I read again the Dark Knight. Love it even better the
    second time around even though it was very long. Worth the time.

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