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New Website and New Pre order

Happy Saturday!

Have you seen my gorgeous new website? You absolutely need to check it out – so many great features! I have a new STORE, new FORUMS where you can ‘talk’ to your favorite hero, and a brand-new library! And that’s just the beginning, trust me. Head on over and poke around to see the new features. I even have a monthly contest for new subscriber sign ups!

Also, I have a brand new pre order! LORD OF WINTER is such an awesome book – if you’ve read RISE OF THE DEFENDER, then you know what a great guy Christopher de Lohr is. He’s in so many of my novels, as are his descendants and ancestors. Ever wonder who Christopher’s mentor was? You’re going to meet him in LORD OF WINTER. Sir Juston de Royans is much like the great warrior Achilles –  kind of moody, but absolutely brilliant. When he finally meets the flame that will melt his frozen hear, an epic romance happens. I think you’re going to love it, so make sure you have your copy reserved!! Lord of Winter on Amazon