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The Crusader (Crusader series Book 1)

Lose yourself in a romantic modern-day Sleeping Beauty tale, where an archaeologist's kiss brings alive an 800 year old knight.... 

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About the Book

Lose yourself in a romantic modern-day Sleeping Beauty tale, where an archaeologist’s kiss brings alive an 800 year old knight…. Along the ancient Pilgrim Trail traveled by countless crusaders from Europe to The Holy Land, Dr. Rory Osgrove is in charge of her first archaeological dig. A Biblical Archaeologist by degree, her target is a holy relic of unimaginable power. But what she discovers instead is the tomb of a long-buried Crusader, one of the thousands who came to this desert land in search of glory and riches. Deterred from her original goal, Rory is fascinated by the English knight and the journal buried with him. Reading the pages of the ancient diary, she comes to know a man of power and honor, entrusted by Richard the Lionheart with a mission of astonishing importance. Sir Kieran Hage was no ordinary Crusader and, as Rory discovers, nor is he really dead. Eight hundred years later, Kieran’s mission must be completed, but there is an ancient evil that follows him and is still determined to see him fail. Now Rory begins the adventure of a lifetime, where time has no meaning, where honor is strength, and where only true love endures.

Series: The Crusader Series, Book 1
Genre: Medieval Romance
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
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