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SCORPION is here for pre order!

In SERPENT, Sir Kevin Hage was the secondary knight in love with the heroine, Penelope de Wolfe. Son of Kieran Hage and Jemma Scott (THE WOLFE), Kevin had spent his entire life loving Penny, hoping he would be able to marry her, and then William de Wolfe threw a monkey wrench into those plans. Sigh. Poor Kevin.

In order to deal with his broken heart, Kevin headed off on a quest to clear his mind and heal himself, and ended up in the Holy Land just as the last of the Crusades were taking place.  But things happened in the mysterious lands of the Levant, and Kevin returns to England a completely different person, for upon those heated sands, he transformed into the assassin known as SCORPION. And now he’s back in England and everyone is ga-ga over the legendary and mysterious English knight. But is his life easier now that he’s back? Has he forgotten Penelope? It wouldn’t be a Le Veque novel if everything was sunshine and roses for Kevin.  Holy Smokes… does the guy get one hell of an adventure!

Find out what happens to Kevin now that he’s back in England – and it’s not what you think, trust me. This novel has a twist you will not want to miss!

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