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SHADOWMOOR is almost here!!

The next installment of the de Lohr Dynasty will be here on Thursday and I’m SUPER excited to get it out to you. This book is a little different- it’s really so much more about personal growth and evolution that accompany a romantic story line. Great bad guy in it – a man you  totally love to hate – and then there’s Daniel de Lohr, our hero, who is a man of truly amazing character. He start out as kind of a reluctant savior but he really grows into the role. And, of course, David de Lohr and Christopher de Lohr make an appearance, and I’ll give you a hint… David is very sick in this story.  Will he live to see the end of it? You’d better reserve your copy and make sure you find out because you know I’ve been known to kill people off unexpectedly. Just sayin’….  You know my motto: People die. Get over it. LOL!!

Make sure you get your copy here:

Shadowmoor on Amazon