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ShadowWolfe is available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

Get ready for a book that’s really going to blow you away. This isn’t going to be a sweet little romance, folks. Nope. This is going to be a ‘make you weep and make you cheer’ romance. SHADOWWOLFE is Scott de Wolfe’s story and it’s about time. Finally!! But I’ll tell you a secret – he’s in for a really big tragedy, something he’s going to have to pull himself out of. Does he have the strength of his father? We’re going to find out. Haven’t read THE WOLFE yet and don’t know what the heck I”m talking about? Now’s the time! Find it on Amazon!!

Make sure you reserve your copy of SHADOWWOLFE on Amazon. Nook and ITunes will be coming later this week, but for now, reserve your copy at this super-low price before it goes up!!

ShadowWolfe on Amazon