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Silversword is LIVE!

Looking for a great read this weekend? Please pick up a copy of my new release, SILVERSWORD. Reviewers are calling it “Classic Le Veque”, so I hope you think so, too!

This book has a lot of two elements in it – romance, and the Lords of Thunder. If you’ve read the Lords of Thunder series, then you know that Gallus, Maximus, and Tiberius have been siding with Simon de Montfort during Simon’s campaign against Henry III.  When Simon is killed at Evesham in a decisive battle, the Lords of Thunder are pretty much outlaws in their own country. The king wants to punish everyone who supported Simon. Now, bring in the House of de Lohr, who is related to the Lords of Thunder – of course, the de Lohrs are very protective of their kin, yet they have built their reputation on supporting the king.  After Evesham, Henry is out to test loyalties, and that includes the House of de Lohr. But what Henry doesn’t get is that blood is thicker than loyalties to the crown. Meanwhile, you’ve got our hero, Chad de Lohr, falling for a very distant cousin by marriage, Alessandria de Shera.

All of this makes for a very powerful story that I think you’re going to enjoy. Plus, there’s tons of humor in it. I mean, laugh out loud humor! Make sure you have your copy for this weekend!

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