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SINFUL FOLK – a novel of the Middle Ages (and I didn’t write it!)

I love it when fiction and non-fiction come together. Here’s a novel you may like, because I was floored by it.

I was asked to read an ARC copy of this novel and review it, which I was happy to do. This isn’t your ordinary Medieval novel… SINFUL FOLK is one of the most original novels I have ever read. The storyline was unlike anything I’d ever seen before and to find out it was based on real events was truly amazing.  The novel is about children dying in a mysterious fire back in the Middle Ages and how the villagers seek justice for the crime.

Like Ken Follett or Bernard Cornwell, author Ned Hayes takes you into the Middle Ages so vividly that it’s difficult to put the story down.  The novel is truly a work of artistic literature.  I realize that some of you only like romance, but for those of you who would like to read something truly original, like a Medieval mystery/adventure, this is a great novel and one I highly recommend. 5 out of 5 stars.

To be released on Amazon, and other outlets, in January. Keep an eye out for it!