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SURPRISE!! It’s a surprise full-length release – AGE OF GODS AND MORTALS!

I’ve got a brand-new novel!! Age of Gods and Mortals is here and what a story it is!!! Kindle Unlimited readers, this one is in KU right now, so grab it there and READ it!! If you still would like to buy a copy, it’s only .99 cents, but only for a limited time!! Sooo much going on in this book and I think you’re going to love it!! Full disclosure – there was a snippet of this in a recent boxed set, but only the first chapter or so – but here it is, revised and bigger, better than ever!!
A warlord departing for the Third Crusade, his strong-willed wife… and the knight left behind to protect her. At least, that was the plan. It’s an unconventional, unexpected, and completely unapologetic Medieval romance that will sweep you off your feet!
At the beginning of the Third Crusade, the French and English Crusading armies assembled in July 1190 at Vezelay. Thousands of Englishmen went for thousands of reasons – piety, glory, or for the thrill of killing. They heeded God’s call, leaving behind a country struggling to deal with the loss of so many able-bodied men. There were a million stories of anguish for every man that left the country.
This is one story of those left behind.
When Sir Teague d’Mearc heeds King Richard’s call and departs with his army for the ships in London that will take them to Vezelay, his wife, Lady Tresta, is determined to follow him. Risking her neck, she trails her husband and his men to London and even manages to make it on board their ship. Once at sea, she knows her husband cannot order her home.
But Teague has other plans.
Beautiful Tresta is head-strong, stubborn, and determined, but she is no match for Teague’s insistence that she go home and wait for him to return from the Levant. Tresta refuses, so Teague assigns one of his knights to take her home and stay with her.
Sir Tarran du Reims in that knight.
Robbed of a great adventure to the Holy Land by a stubborn, spoiled woman whom he has secretly been in love with for many years, Tarran obeys his liege and begrudgingly remains behind with a woman he is constantly at odds with. After Teague and his ships depart Calais to continue on their journey to Vezelay, a terrific storm hits. Land and sea are lashed and when the storm finally clears, there are rumors of a great fleet having been scuttled along the coast of Normandy. Hearing the rumors, Tarran is certain that it is Teague’s ships.
There is only one way to find out.
Join Tarran and Tresta as they go in search of Teague’s fleet and be with them every step of the way as they hunt for the truth. Will they find survivors? Or have the valiant knights with their dreams of glory been consigned to a watery grave ? Through it all, Tarran’s feelings for Tresta continue to grow, but Tresta is only focused on her husband and his fate… leaving Tarran with no way to cure his bruised and bleeding heart.
… or can he?
In an age of gods and mortals, anything is possible.
🔥It’s a great day for a SURPRISE full-length new release!! (with a super-hot cover!!)🔥

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  • msbad
    Posted May 19, 2021 at 3:15 pm

    Hello Kathryn!

    What a great surprise! I love surprises!! The story sound great and the guy on the cover is yummy! I bought it and it’s on the top of my “to be read” list!

    I love your writing and own 198 of your books (e-books) and 14 audiobooks! (Some are duplicates. For instance, I bought books 1 & 2 and a trilogy was available so I bought it instead of book 3 alone.) I haven’t read them all yet, but some I have read 3 and 4 times. I just can’t seem to get enough of Sir William de Wolfe!!

    Anyhow, thanks for the surprise book and all the ones that came before it!

    Barbara Douglas

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