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My latest Medieval Romance, SWORDS AND SHIELDS, is finally here! This is a fabulous romantic epic centering around Drake de Winter (son of Davyss de Winter of LESPADA) and the bride he was forced to wed. I had a great time writing this and really got attached to the characters, so I hope that’s a sign that you’re going to love it, too!

Norwich Castle is heavily involved in this novel, which is a good thing considering my daughter lives in Norwich. She’s a student at the university there. She took many pictures and sent them to me during the course of writing this novel, but I also did a lot of other research on the structure because when I write about something, it’s very important to me to have the details down to the stone used to built it.  Having written about it once before in LESPADA, it was mostly to refresh my memory of the place and I had forgotten what a gigantic complex the castle was. If you ever get the chance, and like this kind of historical information, look it up on the internet to see just how big it really was. The beautiful Norman keep is still intact and is now a museum and art gallery!

But I digress. Back to Swords and Shields – I think you’re really going to like it, so make sure to get your copy!

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