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Being Thankful

Usually I blog about my books – in fact, that’s pretty much all I ever blog about. Rarely do I blog about other things – I know some authors blog about their life, their kids, recipes, etc… but I don’t. I keep my blogs purely book related because I figure that’s what you’re here for, right? Knights and all things Medieval!

But today I’m going to blog about being thankful.  I know we all have our days when we think the whole world is out to get us – i.e., ‘why me?!’.  Or we have days when we envy others – someone’s new car, new house, new boyfriend/girlfriend. And we think ‘why NOT me?!’.  I’ve done that; we all have. But here’s the thing – there is always someone worse off than you. Can you pay your bills? Eat? At least shop enough to buy what you need and maybe a few things you don’t? Then  you’re better off than millions of other people.  You’re better off than the old woman who lives in a small home or apartment, without any family, and the only human contact she gets is Meals on Wheels. Do you want to know how I know that? Because I knew someone like that once. She was so, so grateful for any tiny measure of human contact.  I thought I was too busy to pay her more attention that I did, but guilt and my own sense of being thankful for what I had made me visit her as much as I could.  She was the most grateful person I ever saw.  We all need have that depth of gratitude.

What am I thankful for? My family, my home, a roof over my head, food to eat, a car in the driveway, and bills that are paid.  I’m extraordinarily blessed. I’m especially thankful for my friends, readers, acquaintances, business associates, and anyone else I’ve had contact with over the years. I appreciate the small things because in my world, they’re not small. They’re major.  I’m thankful that my parents have seen me sprout my wings and become a novelist, and I’m thankful that they’ve seen that what I do makes a difference to people, however small that difference might be.  I take people to other worlds and give them something to dream about.  I’m so thankful for that gift!!  As a child, I had a huge imagination – I would make up stories all of the time. Trouble was, sometimes I had trouble differentiating between the truth and fantasy.  When I was about ten or so, I wanted a horse so bad!! Then my friend got a horse for Christmas. So I told her that I had a horse, too, but that it was at my grandfather’s house in Mississippi.  Hmmmm… well, it was a lie, but I wanted it so badly to be true.  Eventually, I had that horse and it was true.  So this big ol’ imagination I have ended up doing me some good by funneling it into a love of writing and storytelling. Yes, I’m thankful for my imagination that has taken me to where I am today!

So… be thankful for the small things, the silly things, the things that make you who you are. Never be ashamed of that.  You are unique and even if we’ve never met, you’re reading this post and somehow a part of my world in that respect.  And I am thankful for everything, and everyone, in my world.  Therefore, I am thankful for YOU.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving, from my family to yours.