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The Big Question Answered – is there a reading order to my novels??

The short answer is NO, with few exceptions.  Here’s what I mean…

I wrote all of my novels – even the ones in the series – so a reader could read them in any order.  Each book is a stand-alone – in other words, you don’t need to read things in sequence in order to get what’s going on.  Sure, it helps, but it’s not necessary.  This is probably the question I get most of all – is there a reading order?

No, there isn’t!

However… I have lots of cross over characters. That’s kind of my ‘thing’.  A hero from one book will make an appearance in another (a cameo!), or maybe his brother is in another book,  and so on.  Here’s a perfect example – I wrote “Spectre of the Sword” with Rhys du Bois as the hero.  About a year later, I wrote “Kingdom Come”.  Kingdom Come takes place about 10 years before Spectre of the Sword; however, Rhys makes an appearance in Kingdom Come as a very young knight because I wanted to put him in there.  Do you need to read Kingdom Come BEFORE you read Spectre of the Sword? Absolutely not! Rhys just happens to make an appearance.  Many, many of my books are this way.

There are only two exceptions to the ‘no reading order’ rule – The Dragonblade Trilogy (Dragonblade, Island of Glass, The Savage Curtain), and The Crusader and its sequel, Kingdom Come.  Honestly, you can read those books in ANY order, but it’s probably easier on the reader to read them in order.

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Happy Reading!!