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The Dark Conqueror – and a dagger through my heart!

As I often do when writing these books, I give you a little insight into certain scenes or characters that affect me.

Right now, I’m hip-deep in The Dark Conqueror and I just wrote a scene that had me weeping so much that I had to take a break and come back to it. This one is going to be a two-box Kleenex book for sure. OMG, so heartbreaking – hence, the dagger through my heart!!

Remember who’s in this book – Christopher and David de Lohr, Brielle de Lohr, Dustin de Lohr, Jax de Velt, Cassian de Velt, and a host of secondary characters. We get to meet Chris and Dustin’s children – all of them – so that’s a lot of fun. At this point in time, his younger children are pretty young – 7, 10, 12, etc – and he’s got some eccentric and headstrong kids, but it makes for some great reading. We never really got to see the de Wolfe Pack children when they were young, so it’s a fun insight into Chris and Dustin’s kids when they were growing up.

But this scene I’m speaking of – GAH!! Such tears, such heartbreak. I’m really loving the character of Cassian, however – he’s a young man who knows what he wants and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, which causes some problems. He’s pretty young age-wise, and emotionally kind of young, even if he is a seasoned knight. It’s a paradox, for sure.

This one is coming October 27, so make sure you have your copy reserved!