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The Dark Spawn is live!

Way back when I first published, The Dark Lord was my first ‘bestseller’. For years, it was my most popular book (until The Wolfe came along), and I really looked forward to expanding the series with Jax’s sons. I think that’s what has me so excited about this book – is it better than The Dark Lord? I think it’s pretty darn good. It’s better in a different way and I think you’ll agree. It has all of that de Velt gore and drama mixed with the Executioner Knight’s intrigue mixed with an incredibly deep romance. Seriously – this is why you read Historical Romance! It’s a big, meaty, juice book that you can sink your teeth into!

Get your copy and read it NOW. The Dark Spawn will be in Kindle Unlimited by Saturday 4/24, so KU readers, I’ll see you in a couple of days and you can read it for FREE!